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 Topfield Mount / App

GPIO / JTag Scanner

HTML 5 Game
Pwortol that Ball





Open Source Visual Basic Programs:

This contains some of the programs I have made for Windows.  Containing things from reading the 'System Restore' to a poor 'Google Earth' clone.

Windows Tips:

Various Tips I use to make Windows XP run a bit better.  From free programs to Registry entries.

PSU Project:

I made a 2 output variable power supply with digital readout.  And the pain it was to make.

Copy TV to DVD:

The method I used to transfer a lot of TV programs to DVDs.

Connect a SD Card to the Parallel LPT Port:

Connect a SDHC/MMC Card to the Parallel Port for some basic communication.


Hack a BF801 Digital Photo Frame:   (Page 2)   (Page 3)

Attempt so far to open up a cheap digital photo frame and see how it all works... There is not any thing standard about this device.

Topfield 5800pvr Mountable FS / Web / Android App:

Created a App to act as a Remote Control, play Recordings and view the EPG from.  Uses an little Linux box for the USB, Ethernet, Serial and to Create the Filing System.

10pin GPIO / JTag Scanner via 2 Parallel Ports:

This is an attempt to create a scanner for a satellite box / routers.


HTML 5 Game - Pwortol that Ball:

A 3D puzzle game for Mid-range PC's.  Get the Ball to the targets which are scattered around the room.






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